04 June 2008

More bad news at the US Trunk Carriers - United this time

United finally decided it needed to do some serious cutting.

After watching Delwest, then AMR's American cut way back and at the same time seeing its hopes for a marriage dashed at Match.com (she didn't even make it to the Alter!), United is finally being a bit sensible and cutting capacity. Consigned to the dustbin of history will be a further 6-744s and ALL of the 737s will be gone by 2009.

Also being consigned to that same garbage location is TED. The pointless excuse for a LCC look alike. In the same manner as SONG (Delta's also poor excuse) TED will expire and be replaced with UNIT (just kidding) - mainline United. Seems that this is not a good time to be investing in yellow paint.

Altogether 70+ planes will go.

It should be noted that United has no new planes on order at this time.



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