02 June 2008

Travelport follows Sabre in a "Fee-less" deal with Lufthansa

So then there was just one.

Sabre was first with a new distribution deal in fortress Lufthansa markets of DE, OS, CH and please let's not forget airportless Lichtenstein. In the new deal - LH will not charge the 4.90 (plus VAT) distribution "fee" to subscribers. Well now Travelport has cut the same deal with LH for its distribution.

This leaves just LH part owned Amadeus as having to accept the fee which comes into effect on July 1st.

But before you all start feeling sorry for Amadeus - remember that they are doing just OK. I am sure that there will be a compromise reached.

One word of caution. Take the following statement with a pinch of salt and a lot of skepticism. " Lufthansa vice president for sales and marketing Thierry Antinori added: "This will give all travel agencies using Galileo or Worldspan long-term peace of mind."

You have been warned

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