27 June 2008

The US Government shows itself to be - well not very energy smart.

So at the risk of sounding like an anti-government person - which I am not - I have to point out ways that the US Government is doing a fine job of screwing up.

Since today I also showed some wonderful examples of EURO-screwed up-ness, I have to look at the US for a counter balance.

Lets consider Solar Power. I think everyone (except the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW DC and his neighbour at the U.S. Naval Observatory on Massachusetts Avenue), believe that renewable energy sources are a priority. Well the US BLM - Bureau of Land Management today put on a 2 year moratorium on building new Solar Power plants. DUH!!! Couple this with the removal of the tax credit on solar energy for the home and you have a rather stupid state of affairs.

So kick me if I am wrong but just at the time when America needs to encourage new forms of energy source and preferably renewable - the government comes along and kills it for you. I thought airlines were dumb but this shows they are not alone.

I have just come back from Greece where water and energy are a very scarce commodity. There are a whole host of homes and public buildings that take advantage of solar power to cool, power and heat their users. Units that are low cost AND unsubsidized.

This country - Greece - has power that is not always on in some of the Islands and fresh water is a really scarce resource. If they can do it on the cheap why not the USA?

Inquiring minds want to know.....



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