19 July 2008

Beware people bearing gifts - Amadeus new tools

OK - I love the obfuscation of the distribution business. It matches that of the rest of the Travel Industry.

So here is a new little missive from Amadeus that just makes me what to laugh. In fact when I first read this - I really did burst out laughing - my seat mates on Aladia thought I was nuts. Frederic is a nice chap but this is really an abuse of the truth!

I provide the release in its full courtesy of Professor Alex:

Open Quote:

Amadeus launches airline service fee tool - 16 Jul 2008

Amadeus has launched module one of its Airline Service Fees automated ticket pricing and fee collecting solution for multiple channels.

The first module enables carriers automatically to collect ticketing, credit card and miscellaneous fees in their direct sales channels, such as ticket offices, call centres and websites.

The second module, due to be rolled as part of the Amadeus Retailing Platform, will allow airlines to collect fees through travel agencies.

The company claims Amadeus Airline Service Fees will increase airlines’ revenues by eliminating human error, improve airlines’ fee management and make fee collection more transparent, as recommended by the European Union.

Frederic Spagnou, vice president of Amadeus’s Airline Business Group, said: ‘The EU recently highlighted the need for transparency in airline fee calculations.

‘The Amadeus Airline Service Fees solution was developed precisely to solve the issue, quoting a total price including all fees and displaying a complete breakdown of those fees to the final customer/traveller.’

The first module of Amadeus Airline Service Fees solution is now available to all airlines that have adopted the Amadeus Alta Reservation platform.

End Quote.

You be the judge!

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