02 July 2008

Biz Class Airlines Model RIP - L'avion purchased by BA

So the independent Business Class Airline Model has now bitten the dust for good. British Airways announced the purchase of the French Airline L'Avion, the last survivor of the class and will integrate into OpenSkies its new subsidiary.

Technically there are other airlines operating such as Al Khayala (now part of Kingdom Holdings) in Saudi Arabia but the model has clearly bitten the dust.

So over the coming weeks I will be looking at why the model failed and if there are other options to revive such a concept.



FOLLOW UP - BA to drop lower class services in OpenSkies

BA's future bookings on OpenSkies have ben strong in the front cabin and the Prem+ second cabin has been garnering rave reviews. However the back is - well same old stuff. So BA is looking to cut the back on offer either a full 2 class service or a single ClubWorld type product.

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