26 July 2008

EK's A380s have Showers on board!

OK so Emirates is using the term "indulgence" to describe their premium classes on the upper deck of the new A380 services which start DXB-JFK on August 1st - that's next week.

Outdoing Singapore Air - EK will offer a premium service which initially looked rather tame - but the actual pictures (and from sneak peaks comments from a few who have actually been on the ship) this is going to be one humdinger of a service.

The Biz Class cabins are none too shabby either. You get your very own minibar at your seat.

The clear water in product differentiation of the Middle East Carriers from the rest of the world is going to be growing.

Thank you Emirates for bringing back a little of the opulence to the process of travel. Now if I can only figure out a way to wangle a seat on one of these puppies.



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