23 July 2008

How the Recession is Biting - Part 1 Corporates

Dearly Beloved,

I have been writing about the impact of the downturn on the supply side of the equation for quite some time. So I thought I would look at the other side of the fence for a while and see how it is impacting the market from the users perspective. As you could call me an unmanaged traveler - I don't work directly for a large corporation - however I do work as a consultant for corporations and government entities who have differing levels of a corporate travel policy. These range from the ultra strict to the "do what you have to."

In this first piece - I was writing my own extensive story and looking to report on some real world examples. In fact I was about half way through writing the dang thing. However I had today's Travel Weekly newsletter cross my desk. In this edition a long article addressing the subject came from Nadine Godwin - probably one of the more senior industry writers going back many years and a former TW Editor. Her perspective and article could not be bettered so I encourage you to go and read it. You will need to sign up but it is worth the weight.

Also my old friend Steven Schoen the Travel Manager for Siemens and probably one of the real experts of this space has bared his soul on what can be done. So read the side bar story as well.


In a follow up article I will talk about the impact on the leisure side of the house.



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