26 July 2008

New GetThere tool makes headway for harassed Travel Arrangers

NBTA Preview Report

I was chatting with Forrester's Henry Hardeveldt and we both were bemoaning the fact that the process of travel arranging is still stuck in the dark ages. He shared with me some of the results from their recent piece on the 3 types of business traveller.

Here is a summary http://www.forrester.com/Research/Document/Excerpt/0,7211,46033,00.html

The heavily managed travellers who fly the most frequently basically don't like the process at all. (I realize this comes as a great shock to everyone).

While not having an epiphany and revolutionizing the process of travel arranging - Sabre has made a step in the right direction with their new Travel Arranger portal on GetThere.

I am looking forward to getting a demo of this tool because the general process is still stuck in the dark ages.

For those of you not going to NBTA in LA next week here is a microsite with some of the functions explained:


I still live in hope that there will be a better solution across the board. While I am looking forward to a revolution in this whole process - I fear we will be forced to accept evolutionary steps. This tool sounds like at least its movement in the right direction.



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