11 July 2008

OK One for the Doom Merchants... a New Indicator - Luggage sales are way off

This one is from Professor Steve Zilinek - He of Flylite.com the Virtual Closet people.

I think he has a point. Luggage sales means people are simply not planning on travelling.

Here is the story and for the chart and full details (courtesy of Merril Lynch) check out the URL at the end:

Luggage sales fall off the carousel

David Rosenberg:
We track luggage sales as a barometer of travel plans – and they have fallen in two of the past three months and are running at a near-record 35% annual rate over the past six months. Either people intend to stay close to home (which requires a 'cocooning' theme) or those who do intend to travel are scaling back their suitcase purchases in response to the advent of these airline per-bag fees.
Why buy a bag that is only going to be another cash-flow drain? Simply wear everything you would have packed (not comfortable but a lot cheaper).
Empty suitcase: No Luggage Sales = No Travel Plans
David Rosenberg
Merrill Lynch, July 7, 2008


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