19 July 2008

OZ experiencing pain - The Duopoly are cutting

Both Qantas and Virgin Blue are experiencing a degree of pain in the economic downturn.

Qantas has announced plans to cut a further 1500 staff and ax both routes and ground aircraft. 767-200s are already gone, 18 737-400 Classics, and while that nicely painted Nalanji Dreaming 747-300 has long since gone the remaining 747-300s in the fleet are being grounded. Likely the JetConnect subsidiary in NZ will also get some cuts. Jetstar will see a slowing of growth. It has trimmed its growth to zero from 8% and will shut the US and London Call Centers. A savage cut will occur with 20% cuts in Admin and HQ staff.

For Virgin Blue soon to be Toll free (sic!) routes are being cut, staff laid off and I suspect some deliveries being deferred and aircraft being temporarily grounded. No word on their JV ultra low cost venture.

This is not just a problem for the USA folks

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