23 July 2008

Today's show is brought to you buy the word STAYCATION

I am not a huge fan of trendy words - a few years ago it was Metro-sexual. Last year's word was a Colbertism - Truthiness.

But now we have this year's word - STAYCATION.

In true objective journalistic tradition of seeking out the truth wherever it may be - I bring you today's example which has now spread into the vernacular and of course has been picked up by Advertising. Special thanks to Professor Stuart for this one.

So the attached ad has been emailed out to Aer Lingus's newsletter recipients and is now shown on their website. Click on the title and you will also be taken to their website.

I leave you to judge the merits of the use of the term.


PS Someone please forward this to Leno before he goes off the air.

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