24 July 2008

Whose missing in the Star Crossed Love Fest?

The announcement today of Continental's formal application to join the Star Alliance and join with United Airlines and 8 other Star members in creating a gigantic transatlantic alliance has a missing member.

It looks like US Airways is being cold shouldered here.

Additionally a special "gang of 4" (AC, CO, UA, LH) has been formed to compete with the other SkyTeam "gang of 4" (AF, KL, NW, DL) and the proposed "gang of 3" (BA, AA, IB) Oneworld members to create another transatlantic JV.

I hope you are following so far.

Well the Skyteam4 made a great deal of noise about this when they started 3 services LHR-LAX, SLC-CDG and JFK-LYS. True seamless experience right?

Actually no.

I tried to purchase a ticket and upgrade from LAX-LHR using my super wonderful status on DL and was told (in no uncertain manner) that no this was actually an Air France flight and that therefore no upgrade for Delta passengers was allowed.

So much for this great idea. This new Star love fest (sans US Airways) should be a true seamless service but like many things in the airline business - its all show and PR rather than any actual substance.

When will they ever change? Comments directly to the Professor or leave them here.



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