10 August 2008

Alitalia moving into bed with - Lufthansa?

Intesa SanPaolo those nice people who are clearly on the ball and advising the Italian Administration on what to do about not killing Alitalia are recommending that the "New" Alitalia takes up with the Germans.

I will try avoid any jokes about this - but it is just too funny!

So AirOne's relationship with LH is clearly some of the bearing. Also the fact that LH has made Italy a focus shifting resources to Milan in its regional fleet.

of course this is all speculative as it will be next week that they start the negotiations. LH is remaining cool about this saying that they have absolutely no interest in Alitalia's business. Of course they are unlikely to turn it down. In the mean time according to CAPA's latest numbers AZ's RPKs are down more than 20% from last year.

Take the dog out and shoot it!

(No animals were actually harmed in this blog posting!)



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