26 August 2008

Ancillary Revenue Scams hit the Car Rental Market

For many years you were supposed to feel special if you were a Hertz #1 Club member. Sounds very special, but like many things in the Travel Industry it isnt quite what it purports to be.

So Hertz invented Gold to match the Avis Preferred program. Avis upped the Ante recently with Avis First.

Well now Hertz not to be outdone will give you a very special deal. Here is the benefits package:

Accept this special invitation to upgrade your status to Hertz #1 Club Gold® President's Circle® and enjoy:
• Guaranteed availability during our busiest periods on just two hours' notice
• Guaranteed one-car-class upgrades*
• Preferred parking space assignments
• 600 Hertz #1 Awards® Points for every 15 rentals**
• A 25% Bonus on #1 Awards Points on your Hertz rentals
• Exclusive members-only offers with limited blackout dates*

No real catch other than it costs $450 big ones!!!

Well I am sticking with Avis as a result of this. Unless Avis starts the same thing. Then I will defect elsewhere.

Frankly I am just amazed at how stupid the suppliers seem to be in trying to screw their loyal customers. Maybe I am missing something. The numbers I am sure will look good - but the cost of reduced loyalty and creating ill will for the consumer is nothing short of - well stupid.


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