05 August 2008

Bishins's Genesis Still Born

It is not often that I am pleased to see enterprises go out of business. However in this case I will make an exception. The Genesis project - brain child of one Bruce Bishins was probably one of the most ill conceived projects ever devised in the Travel Business. And we have seen some REAL doozies over the years.

It is sad that those - especially small agency - enterprises who invested in the premise have seen their hard earned cash evaporate.

Genesis and its sister organizations were based on an idea that was always an obsolescent concept and out of pace with the technology of the time and the service model expected by the consumer. It has now gone to that graveyard of not so great ideas and in my opinion rightly so.

It never achieved traction in the manner its promoters claimed.

Fragmentation in the travel distribution systems is a way of life. But this particular niche just had no viability.



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