15 August 2008

Hell's Grannies on JetBlue - JetBue's in-flight Stasi

This is an amazing story.

I first heard about this from Addison Schonland. Listen to the interview with Marilyn Parver the Granny who was arrested AND put on the No-Fly list for what is a wonderful example of the excesses of an airline in today's paranoid environment.

It was originally picked up by Chris Elliott. It was picked up even by the Wall Street Journal:


As Addison says in the podcast that this is out of a Police State.

ABC has the broadcast rights for video - so check out Good Morning America next week!


Listen to the whole podcast.


I have personally witnessed a situation of where a power mad Flight Attendant engaged in a similar activity. In my case a United Airlines flight attendant was so mad at an 11 year old child who cracked a joke had the boy, the elder brother and the father (not the mother) were arrested and taken off the flight in plastic cuffs. A gross misuse of power. If someone is a general threat then they should be dealt with - severely.

This and similar instances are a clear abuse and a stupid waste of brand equity by JetBlue.

Moral of story... airlines' customer service personnel can ruin your whole day. Let's not forget this is the same airline where during their melt down last year had its CSRs literally hide and not deal with the passengers who were suffering. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17166299/

Its also the same airline where a scam of "found" credit cards were misused by employees.


Chaps not a good way to run an airline...



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