28 August 2008

Southwest to Government, "erm we are a little short this month."

OK so maybe I am exaggerating a little but this is somewhat bizarre behavior, Southwest is telling the government (according to Travel Weekly) that it wont meet the deadline for paying the fine for various Inspection Infractions.

It hardly seems likely that Southwest - the US's most profitable airline since as long as most people can remember - is short of the odd $10.2 Million it owes.

If it fails to meet the deadline then the case will be turned over by the DOT to the Department of Justice. The latter has the power to seize assets amongst other things.

So let's see what could they do... What Aer Rianta did to Ryanair once and impounded its plane? Or worse freeze bank accounts which would actually be a lot worse because that would cripple the airline's ability to take in revenue.

Most bizarre....

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