26 August 2008

Surrendering your privacy for speed

So today dear friends I gave up (yet again) my privacy to another government. This time to the USA government. I went for the new Enhanced Drivers License process in Washington State (my home state and one of the first to adopt the EDL program). The new EDL allows me to pass quickly between the USA and its neighbors by land - Canada and Mexico.

Frankly if this is the process of change then there is not much to commend it. But obviously it will speed my life up.

So far this makes the 12th country to whom I have surrendered the right to investigate my background and allegedly be able to continue poking around.

Is it worth it?

I have may tales to tell of early glitches and poor assumptions. (Please dont let me get started on the issue of root names). In general though the systems should work. However once mass adoption occurs then there will be lots of issues and then someone will find a back door and we will all be in trouble.

Anyone who has read William Gibson will understand that this is an imperfect world and getting scarier by the minute. Sadly a clear and unequivocal policy is not made nor is any real attempt made to engage the citizens and users in the process of adoption.

This is my personal opinion only


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