02 September 2008

Browsers and Geeks

Not quite a new game but with all the subplots of a good Dungeons and Dragons game!

So Firefox is already out with its new Browser 3.X, opera is out with an impressive 9.5 and now Microsoft is out with IE8. Safari is also pretty good.

I have been playing with all 3 on several machines and they have their differences. At the moment IE8 is not stable enough and doesn't give enough reason to switch. It has weird quirks which they better sort out pretty soon. Most of them are JavaScript related and interpreted to UI stuff. Its pretty nasty some of it - especially in forms management.

But now a new player is arising. Uh Oh - Google with its own browser. its called Chrome and the geekiest among you I know are already playing with prelim copies prior to its release today (Tuesday).

For those who don't want to admit being too geeky but want to sound REALLY smart - here's a little trick. Go to the following address and you can download the comic strip with the whole story to it.


For now if you type www.google.com/chrome - you will be dumped on the Search standard screen. But some time during the day it should work

Its supposed to be good so my REAL nerdy friends say. Either way - there will be a lot of people playing with it. Don't look for a lot of productivity out of your people over the next few days



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