12 September 2008

Easyjet to cut jobs, close Dortmund?

This has not been a great day for British Aviation, Travel and Tourism.

Easyjet on the same day as BA's big job cut announcement - has said it will ax a small portion of its admin staff. About 8-10% (of admin - 4-5% approx of total) will go meaning about 60 people who are in non-customer facing jobs mostly admin at the Luton HQ.

Dortmund is almost certain to go now - it was speculated earlier but given the current situation its a gonna.

The UK seems to be badly hit by its precipitous currency fall. General dissatisfaction and nervousness with Gordon Brown's administration and policies has crept into the currency market battering the pound with an over 10% drop this year against the dollar and the euro.

A lot of people stopped travelling this year as a result.

Not much to cheer about here

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