13 September 2008

Eurosharks betting whose next - The Irish know!

Saturday's Frivolity

While I am 100% Belgian as Professor Sabena, I am still of decidedly mixed heritage. A large part of me is of course Irish. How else could I possibly claim to be a Belgian?

One of my fellow ex-pat Irishmen - Professor Stuart kindly sent me a great link. So no longer do you have to consider that I am the source of doom and gloom - now you can bet at a great website called PaddyPower.com.

A clear disclaimer here - I do not advocate or support gambling in any way. Whether its legal or not - its a bad habit.

However PaddyPower is giving odds on the next airline to go bankrupt.

Here is the link:


No prizes that punters think Alitalia is going next at 6-4. SkyEurope is right behind at 5-2. The next group is also unsurprising: Spanair followed by Air Berlin at 10-1.

I shall be tracking these and if I see any interesting movement - I will let you know.

I think they are missing several - like Air Union, SkyExpress and a whole host of African Airlines.

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