16 September 2008

Eurosharks - One Big Gulp United SwissAir and Sabena

Pure plagiarism although I do want a little credit for thinking this before someone else published it.

Lufthansa said Brussels Airlines agreed to be acquired by the Frankfurt based conglomerate.

Strangely enough this reunites SN (the former Sabena) and LX (the former CrossAir and Swissair).

Irony abounds here.

So looks like the German team is ahead in the game and we are still just into the first half. So far they are ahead in several races and have already acquired a chunk of JetBlue.

The French/Dutch and the British need to catch up if this game is going to be interesting.

I may just have to change my name to Professor Lufthansa... nope it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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