05 September 2008

It didn't really sell on eBay

The politics of over the top seems to be politics as usual. So rather than try and be partisan - I have been looking for good aviation and travel stories during the conventions.

I found 2. So in this case the Reps win 1.5:.5

The tie is that the TIA had a big bash for Dems and Reps in Denver and St Paul respectively. In the case of both of them - the events were off limits to the media. (So no I didn'g go to either and wasn't invited). However the St Paul event was actually held at the Carlson Company's corporate jet hanger (and you thought they just had a little plane!).

The other story also focused around corporate jets - in the now famous Sarah (don't say I am Michael's daughter Nudge Nudge) Palin claimed to have sold the Governor's corporate jet on eBay at a profit.

Truth comes out that actually it didn't sell on eBay and it went for a loss. Plus the guy who bought it claims now he wants 50K for unplanned maintenance. However in fairness just offloading it was definitely a profit since they got to keep some money rather than having the asset costing many thousands of dollars per month just sitting there doing nothing.

If you have something I can put out on the Dems that is equal to this please let me know asap.



Dislaimer - I am not a registered Republican or Democrat.

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