18 September 2008

No Peace for Alitalia - this maybe its last stand

The start realities facing the surviving shipmates of fools at the ailing carrier are now that the airline is but hours away from collapse.

So what is going to happen next. What follows is pure speculation on my part.

We can anticipate a weekend of hand waving and recriminations but no resolution. Come Monday the CEO must do the dead man walking routine and advise ENAC that they do not have a rescue plan and of course no union approval. At which point it is likely that ENAC will issue a final ultimatum and start the process of an orderly shut down of the airline. This will be accompanied by mass protests and I suspect more than a little violence as the Union Brotherhoods start taking it out on each other. Each night aircraft will be watched by security guards and when the moment comes - ILFC, GECAS, AWAS, BCI, CIT and anyone else will jump in their jetpacks and get their planes back. Then fuellers and airports will start seizing the airbus and MD80s that are largely owned by Alitalia thought mortgaged so the banks will go for those.

Then there will be protests and it will die down until a white night emerges

Actually - its really simple. Take the Pantheon option or take the Swissair Option.

Either way - it will be a much smaller version.

And who said that people could be smart???

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