01 October 2008

Corrections comments etc REGULARS PLEASE NOTE

Greetings good readers.

I was a little hasty this week and miswrote ITALY condemning that market when the bloodbath is likely to happen in India.


Sorry and thanks to Professor Bruce for that one.

Just a comment on what to do with comments and discussions. Our policy at T2 is that we will not edit the comments and will publish them as is provided they are not defamatory, just plain nasty, inappropriate or sales related. If you have a question please contact us directly. Comments should be germane otherwise it confuses me and presumably other readers as well. Thanks but keep writing!!!! Please email us. For editorial comments you can also speak to The Professor directly: TheProfessor@T2News.com

A public message then to the folks at Fortune Hotels - please no sales items - I will reject those types of messages. If you wish to promote something then fine but try not to use anonymous postings as a way to do it. If you have some point to make then send me the information and I will be happy to consider writing a story on the subject.

Thanks to you all


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