07 October 2008

Fire Questions at the Professor and Other Notables

OK - Shameless plug time (been doing a lot of that lately).

WIT - web in Travel is on October 21-22 in Singapore. This is the 4th year for the show - it is a great congregation of non-commercial comment and analysis with a great cast and audience.

This year - I shall be doing double duty as a moderator and a panelist. Plus I get to do a stint as a debater. And if you stay for the party - I hope to suitably embarrass myself in public.

For more details - please go to www.webintravel.com.

Tim Hughes - who writes one of the better blogs and one of the few that I read everyday will be firing questions so if you want to come along and join him in a form of twisted fun - please feel free.


Siew Hoon let's me read the comment forms after the events and they are indicative of the quality she puts into the show's organization and selection of talent.

So if you want to be inspired and challenged this is the place to come (even if its all the way to Singapore!). There are two other shows going on at the same time HSMAI and ITB Asia so you can really benefit. If you are going to be in Asia or if there is one event set you want to attend then this is a must be place.


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