12 October 2008

Is this the Zenith of the US Legacy Carriers?

The French have this wonderful expression Plus Ca Change. Roughly translated it means the more things change the more they stay the same. However we could be seeing the end of the US Traditional Full Service Model, it has passed its zenith and we are headed for a different world.

Here is some interesting backup to this supposition from Anna.aero.


Frankly it really does show that there is only one way to go - and that is down.

Interestingly they don't make the connection that I think is likely to happen - namely that now is a great time to think about starting an airline.

We have been approached by several players some funded - some not - who are looking to fill in the gaps where the existing players have pulled out or where the service models just are not working economically.

The Western USA for example is taking the brunt of the withdrawal of United's 737 fleet.

So onward and upward - the new UPC airline revolution is with us. Sadly if there was any nostalgia for the the romance of aviation from a bygone era - it is well and truly now dead.


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