12 October 2008

Meet this guy - he makes the Professor look nice!

So if you think you have been spun a line by the airline and your compensation has been denied - then watch out for Euclaim. www.euclaim.co.uk

It is run by Henrik Noorderhaven. He delights in that wonderful old fashioned of past times - exposing liars, and he gets paid for it by getting you the consumer compensation.

In tomorrow's (October 13th at 2000) Dispatches program on the UK's Channel 4 TV station - he was the featured part of the story.

He has exposed BA as the WORST airline in Europe for cancellations.

Here is the link for C4- however only UK stationed computer machines can view the program. (And special thanks to Professor Stuart for this one!


What Henrik does is to track the airlines performance and looks for chronic conditions, for example BA914 and BA915 operated LHR-FRA and back. It has been canceled 27 times so far this year.

BA actually cancels 2% of all its flights. This makes it the worst airline in Europe. Further it loses a lot of bags - 2.5 million or a similar number about 2.7% of all bags.

So much for the World's Favorite Airline.

Now of only someone would do this for the US airlines and check out the invocation of Rule 240 and domestic and international compensation. The US airlines are even worse. OK - they fly more but nearly 70,000 cancellations for the first 6 months of this year is not a pretty sight.

Airlines - time to behave and get better at doing what you are SUPPOSED to do. Of course IATA and ATA are crowing about how much better they are this year than last year. But there is this new issue of leaving early which makes it even harder to cope.

I should know - I have been a victim MORE than once.


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