17 October 2008


I have always felt that part of the basic airline philosophy was that there was "stuff" the airline knew that it would not tell the passengers. Mostly for no reason other than transparency would mean the revelation that an airline is actually a commodity product.

I have to tread carefully here because airlines are customers of my team.

Fundamentally I have felt that the Internet creates near perfect information and this would challenge the airlines' principle of obfuscation. Little did I know that someone would actually make money out of it.

Earlier this week I noted that EUClaims was a star of a UK Channel 4 expose - particularly of BA. Well check out this podcast. The implications of which are somewhat mind boggling. I am not going to editorialize on the rights and wrongs of what this chap does. However it does seem to me that my vision of the near perfect data world and the ability to act on that data may actually come to pass sooner rather than later.

You be the judge



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