30 October 2008

PCW – The next big things?

PhocusWright has several things up its sleeve planned for next month’s annual bash in Los Angeles. One of which is the Travel Innovation Summit. Here are their 7 big trends:
1. The growth of pure Travel 2.0 businesses is slowing—dramatically..
2. Travelers will enjoy easy access to rich subjective, objective and experiential content for trip planning.
3. Abundant, varied mobile applications are beginning to emerge.
4. The Long Tail is coming of age.
5. Air shopping is still a work in progress.
6. Attention shifts from "learn, shop, book" in the travel value chain.
7. Building supporting business applications loses its luster.
During last week’s WIT which was run in association with ITB Asia and PhocusWright – it was clear that Innovation was a hot topic. With development and research budgets likely to fall victim to the global retrenchment – innovation will get harder but perhaps better. Hard times focus the creative juices. This recession is going to be hard and deep. So will we see a bigger better faster next big thing emerge? Probably not.
In my view – it will be a coalescing of several influences. One big deal will be how to make things simpler and easier. I believe that we are beginning to experience innovation fatigue. Trial of new ideas seem to be fading and some of the biggest fads in recent years are no longer there. Witness such things as MySpace and Second Life as they fade. However it could be that the innovation of the last 12 months has been swallowed up in the other news and attention eaters such as the US presidential election and the current economic crisis. The pre-occupation with other parts of life has crowded out the innovation story. Is now a time for a comeback?
You be the judge

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