30 October 2008

The Professor Returns

The Professor is back!

Sorry I was away – I just spent 4 days in Indonesia where for some strange reason both Gmail and my blog entry were restricted. But back to normal – I hope.

While I was in Asia – I spent quite some time listening to what is going on. The growth and contractions of day to day business. Some anger at the USA – this time for causing the meltdown. Many think Greenspan is to blame. Huge optimism for Obama and everyone wanted to know who the Professor would be voting for next week.

The WIT show, ITB Asia and the other conferences held in Singapore also gave an insight into the heart of Asia. Simply put they are poised for growth yet are still attached to the rest of the world’s general economic health. Clearly the fall off in demand has affected everyone from Cab drivers in Bali – to Limo drivers in Singapore. Hoteliers in Beijing, Resort managers in Phuket, to Boat operators in the Spice Islands to the Low Cost Carriers.

A refreshing set of views. Unique yet part of the whole. Decidedly Asian.


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