08 October 2008

Realignment is a Euphemism for ??? AF Yanks LHR-LAX

Ah those heady days in March when oil was leaping and bounding and Heathrow was opening up.

Fast forward... global slump, oil in free fall and AF is yanking the much ballyhooed LHR-LAX flight.

"We need the plane elsewhere".

Well the truth is it didn't work. Loads and yields were not up to snuff.

So plan B...

The 777 will be deployed to LHR-JFK giving the DL-AF-KL-NW alliance 3 Nonstops between NYC and LHR.

If this is the decision for the big twin - can the SEA-LHR route be far behind?

What is clear that there is now excess capacity on the Transatlantic routes. Even the cutting back at LGW is not taking up the necessary slack. There will need to be more reductions.

Hmmm so much for Open Skies?

Will this bolster the case for BAAABI?

Time will tell


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