01 November 2008

Boozeless in Bali?

I was in Bali last week.

The island is a tremendous boost for the mind and body. It is a very spiritual place. Except perhaps the spirits seem to be locked away in warehouses and not making it into the bars and restaurants.

I was in a small bar in Seminyak and asked for a Vodka and tonic - no vodka, how about a rum and coke - no rum. Hmmm.

So thanks to Professor Bernadette I can assure you that this is not just my imagination.

It seems there is a technical dispute going on with the local tax authorities and the distribution channels. No one can explain the reason. Already imported wine is subject to 300% tax. Now it would appear that cheap booze is about to go the same way.

Even without the booze - Bali still a great place to visit - just take some of your favorite tipple with you when you enter. Its good insurance.


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