10 November 2008

Farelogix extends the Open Source environment

OK - I admit it - I like the GDS "green screen" interface. Heck over time I have learned to use 9 different res systems (many of them just not around any more) and 5 different CRS/GDS screens (Aha - which one was number 5 you ask!). I like them because I can always make it work the way I want it to. Its a command line lover's dream. The response times are fabulous, I can get exactly what I want. Its a bit like being an advocate of the 2nd Amendment. They will have to pry my fingers off it!

So i have always felt that scripting and highlighting were somewhat clunky. For the record the first highlight logic screen was not developed by TRX/BCD but by my team at PARS.

with that out of the way - I was intrigued to read about "Project Hawkeye" from Farelogix. I am presuming that this is named after the character from M*A*S*H!

I wont bore you with the technical details but it really does come to one of the last remaining factors that people hold onto for the justification of sticking with "green screens".

What "Hawkeye" will do is create an open source environment for the integration of Farelogix app set into the operating and/or desktop environment of any user community through a user interface tool kit.

This is not trivial folks. It is very hard and very complex. From bitter personal experience and hard fought battles - I can assure you that creating this environment is a tough development. A VERY necessary change that can really open up the non-homogeneous reservations infrastructure.

All users of reservations systems - well almost all - are (if you will pardon my analogy - a little bit pregnant. They need to access multiple res sources because long ago the myth of the GDS providing access to all supply and content ceased to be a reality. The top 4 Corp Agencies all have their own platforms at the desktop. Travelport even purchased a desktop environment from the now almost defunct G2 Switchworks. The OTA platforms all of systems at the back to enable connecting to multiple host systems and all of them do it (shhhh don't tell anyone).

So - this is a bit of a game changer. I can just see the chaps at Travelport trying now to "disallow" access by a user from the G2 environment to "Hawkeye". That will be an interesting battle.

In the end the battle really wont be a big deal. It will happen slowly but surely. Farelogix project is just another step along the way.

For more details - check out the ATW article: http://www.atwonline.com/news/story.html?storyID=14658

The full story will be out tomorrow check out the FLX website. www.farelogix.com


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Professor Sabena said...

Correction. The original story came from TTU - Travel Technology Update - this is the correct source, it is republished with permission by Air Transport World. The story was written by Michele MacDonald TTU's Managing Editor.