10 November 2008

Love those Virgin Seats? See you in court

You know those nice Upper Class Suites that we all want to ride in when flying long haul with Virgin? Well it seems that Virgin wants you only to fly in these nice pods on VS only or perhaps other airlines who they approve. VS thinks that the design of the pods are its intellectual property and is going to court to prove this.

The Sunday Telegraph in the UK is reporting that there is a High Court battle starting this week between VS and Contour that manufactures the seats. They are aiming to prevent sales to people like Delta and Jet Airways. No so AIr NZ who did this under agreement from VS.

So stay tuned on this one



Anonymous said...

BA had herringbone pod style seats in their first class zones long before Virgin...

Professor Sabena said...

Not sure they quite qualify, since Virgin technically has only Biz class not first class then this is not an equal contest.