12 November 2008

October ARC Sales WAY off. Brace for more bad news

ARC Has just published its sales figures for October. The month on month and the YTD figures are looking rather off.

Our research so far is showing that the total passenger numbers or off in the region of 10% capacity cuts and about 11-12% in traffic (pax) numbers.

ARC seems to be looking at a little more.

Here are the key numbers:

Total Transactions OCT -15.3%
Total Transactions YTD -6.46%
Total Sales OCT -13.57%
Total Sales YTD + 0.44%

As an aside the domestic total transactions YTD are off 16.07%

GDS numbers should track to the ARC numbers. Airlines numbers are still doing a little better but still not enough - this means more cuts to come.


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