01 November 2008

So who should you vote for?

if you are entitled to vote in the US Elections on Tuesday - who should you vote for with an emphasis on ATT - Aviation Travel and Tourism?

There is no clear answer based on the prima facie evidence.

So while I am now clear on who I am going to vote for - I think it would be useful to consider the various positions and then to take one which would appear to be the best bet.

On all the major issues - free trade - tourism - etc etc - both candidates are in the same league. There is little to chose using these criteria. So I have searched and found one criteria which would benefit the US. Namely the US standing abroad.

As Bush has managed to do almost irreparable harm to the US's position in the world, anyone remotely linked to him would perpetuate that sentiment. There is a distinct lack of interest of many nations to visit a Bush dominated America. Likewise, many US citizens have felt un-welcomed outside the USA in recent years. This has harmed US based ATT. We need to break down these barriers. More US tourists are needed world wide and the US needs to be open to all nations and peoples.

So if you are looking for a better world - change is better than any other reason and that would seem to favour Obama.

Whatever your reasons or your affiliation - you should get out the vote and do your part. If you are eligible - it is your duty to vote. Vote for your conscience and if you can vote for a candidate rather than against one. The choices are not easy. Getting past the rhetoric and finding some truth is hard.

May the best candidate win.


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