02 November 2008

Whither Travelport's Q3 Report?

Disclaimer - This is not a formal offer for sale or a formal stock analysis by a qualified Financial Analysis firm.

OK - So I have been watching and waiting - like many others - for the Travelport 3rd quarter figures and the attendant analysts call. I will be on their like a shot.

However nothing. The 2nd quarter call was on August 13th. So by logic - the call for the 3rd quarter should have been October 15th or thereabouts. Nada. So I went back and noticed that the 2007 period was also pretty late. Reporting occurred the second week of November 2007. So we will probably have to wait another 10 days or so before we see the figures.

This will definitely be interesting. We want to see what happens with the transaction numbers. If there is any indication we should see at least a 12% fall in these numbers. I base this on several factors - airlines reporting (legacy GDS present airlines) have reported across the board a passenger fall off of between 8-22%. Airports are reporting similar numbers. However this will be the first time that the combined data centers are showing - albeit only for days not months.

Can yields hold up with increased unbundled pricing by the GDS businesses? Can the increased yields from the non-airline side counteract the drop off in hotel rates and transactions?

Lets see.


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