31 December 2008

New Lexicon for 2009 - Nocation

OK listen up chaps - time to learn the new Lexicon for 2009.

Nominated for the award of the word of the Year 2008 - Staycation will be joined by some new siblings.

At the height of the dot com boom we had Extreme Vacations - very popular. Skydiving off Everest, Spending weeks in an underwater hotel... etc etc.

As Wall Street got bigger and more derivative so did their vacation habits. We had 6 Star Luxecation. Exotic locales and all top notch service. Dubai arrived on the map with the most superlative resorts.

We have even seen the Social Vacation with a give back to the community such as building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

So for 2009 I would like to introduce the new watchword in Holidays.

The Nocation

Unlike the Staycation (qv) where the consumer uses no long distance transport, the notable characteristics of the Nocation (also known as the Naycation) are for men - not shaving - the same for women. Kids are allowed to do what they can however using up too much electricity for Guitar Hero is discouraged. Other notable Nocation activities include:

Visiting Garage Sales
Polishing the SUV while it has a for sale sign on it
Visiting Home Depot and staying for the free in store seminars
Trips to The Library during Amnesty days
Days out to Value Village and Thrift Stores as a way to understand the economy
10% of your day is spent on Craig's list while another 10% is deciding what items in your lockup storage can be disposed of on Craigs list.
5% of your time is spent looking for the missing porn on Craigslist

So far no word if there is a Madoff derivative fund for Nocationers.


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