24 March 2008

Skybus CEO resigns

Bill Diffenderfer the sometimes acerbic CEO of Skybus and former CEO of XOL, has resigned "to resume a book-writing career". Definitely a new take on the "pursue other interests" that normally accompany exists like this.

Skybus who has aimed to become the "Ryanair of America" has had its share of issues. Cutting back on deliveries - coping with high fuel costs - entering and exiting markets quickly. Perhaps some of the not so well loved attributes of FR.

Skybus should have them lined up 6 deep wanting to get on board. But sadly its take on the Ryanair model is not attracting customers in the ways it had hoped.

Lets wish them all the best. However a new dynamic CEO is required and the caretaker CFO is not going to do the job.

Best of luck Skybus. Lets hope this does not become another Western Pacific.