26 January 2009

Amex Tries To Scare Me and You

So I get this email and it gets me a little worried. Amex is trying hard to get us all worried. Then I started to look at the headline and I wanted to question the premise.

The disclaimer is deep in the below content:

Terms and Conditions
*Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Tallying This Summer's Travel Woes, 2008"

Hmmm - I checked with the WSJ and found that the article it referred to was from, the year prior 2007.

PLUS it referred to the peak travel times that year which were the heaviest on record ever.

Here is the link (from Google - I could not use the WSJ internal tool but since I roughly remembered the article it was easy to find).

Tsk Tsk Amex - trying to scare us - isnt this a naughty thing that gets people slapped with lawsuits and fines and things?


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