13 January 2009

The Battle for LHR's 3rd Runway

The approval from the Central Government for LHR’s 3rd runway is likely to be given this week. All the signs are that the combination of Mandy, Hoon and Brown (Lord Mandleson – Business Minister, Geoff Hoon Transport Minister and Gordon Brown PM) plus the need for a giant works package that will benefit the UK will overcome environmental concerns and the demolition of the village of Sipson.

Strangely the Tories are not for this but are split on the alternatives. Personally I think the development of the Thames Estuary Airport and/or a massive improvement in intermodal transport will be the better option. However don’t hold your breath. The current delivery date is 2012, and if T5 is anything performance wise to go by – 2013 or even later is a better bet.

Oh yes and GreenPeace purchased a plot right in the middle and then promptly subdivided it sold it to several prominent people including MPs, movie stars etc.

Reports of a delay are also surfacing - but Gordo wants to put a stake in the ground on this one as part of his legacy.


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