16 January 2009

MAS goes with SITA

Bucking the trend of Amadeus winning everything, Malaysian Airlines System has gone with SITA’s revamped Horizon product for PSS, DCS etc. Saudi Arabian Airlines however stayed with the mob and went to Altea. In both cases they previously had their own res system. MAS is currently a user of the old Atraxis system aka Swissair’s TPF or ALCS. This week saw the end of Iris – Varig’s old Atraxis host. This leaves very few customers – TAP and Brussels along with Swiss and Emirates.



Ian Tunnacliffe said...

Sorry to be tardy with this Timothy. You surely haven't forgotten Malmo Aviation and Olympic as customers for the Atraxis system?

And of course Mercator's hosted customers in Kuwait, Yemen and Algeria.

And I am sure there are still bits of Swissair code running in the remaining TPF hosts, especially on the DCS and EDIFACT sides.

Professor Sabena said...

Professor Ian is correct. Malmo doesn't really count and ... well Olympic is so far down the road to perdition that I think most people have forgotten about them.