29 January 2009

Westjet FINALLY chooses its Next Gen PSS

After first choosing not to stay with Navitaire (its current provider) then selecting AiRes but abandoning that choice - Westjet took a hard look at all of their options. The 2 finalists were Sabre with its tarted up Sabre Sonic CSS and Amadeus Altea/Pioneer hybrid.

The envelope please - Sabre wins.

Actually I am surprised Given that Frontier already looked at the issue and decided that SSCSS didn't hack it for them. Maybe Sabre offered them some special secret source.

For Amadeus - it might be a final nail in the coffin for Pioneer which has been a bit of a dud in the market.

For Navitaire who had hoped to hang on - it must be a bit of a blow. Esp since Volaris is retaining NewSkies.

Exciting times for all

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