17 February 2009

David's Ghost Walks No More - JetBlue Chooses Sabre

David Neeleman is happily spending a new round of investor's money in Brazil - but meanwhile back at the ranch, jetBlue has decided enough is enough and has defected to Sabre for its core PSS. This marks the second major loss for Navitaire in less than a month with WestJet deciding to bail out of Navitaire's New Skies also.

With Ryanair's well publicized difficult implementation last year and prior public embarrassments for its customers (such as AirTran's awful cutover), you have to think that Navitaire's product line is just not quite right for the bigger businesses. While simpler carrier's such as Volaris and others who start with a simple model - the problems related to a more complex carrier overtime makes the value of the NewSkies/OpenSkies product lines somewhat less attractive.

So this leaves even the somewhat creaking older system of SabreSonic as the lesser of two evils. With Amadeus ALTEA/CITP chronically late, no news on the ITA Polaris System, and all quiet at Travelport - you have to wonder who does have a decent PSS product these days.

For many airlines suffering from the commercial market and the difficulties of using the traditional legacy PSSs to address ancillary revenues - the time of the holistic single one size fits everything model continues to fade. Perhaps we should look at the example of Frontier as the newer model for PSS/Airline internal functionality


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