24 February 2009

Gol Is American's New Gal

with TAM running around with Star in her eyes, American is clearly feeling jilted. This means that the rearranging of the deckchairs is going on in LATAM. So the JJ/AA code shares look like being swapped for UA/CO based Code Shares. So this puts American at a disadvantage. Not to be outdone (well they waited a while before they started officially dating), so now the American Broad has a new gal - GOL.

AA with up to 69 flights a week US to Brazil clearly needed a new dancing partner. So AA and Gol (yes another LCC interlining) will go steady for a bit. Whether it becomes more, remains to be seen.

And over in the blue corner remains Skyteam with almost no one in LATAM to dance with.


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