21 February 2009

Google - The Fallen Hero

A great article article from WebProNews, but it still leaves the door open that Google really isn't a fallen hero:


For those of us in Travel this has long been the case. Google hasn't been a hero for a very long time. That sucking noise is Google's great cash vacuum cleaner, it empties pockets of big and small enterprises across the entire travel segment spectrum. As it reaches a crescendo, we all realize that now we are totally powerless to stop the inevitability of Google as the Travel Industry's most profitable company. Travel is a wonderful cash cow for Google - an its likely to be so for quite some time.

The iron fist doesn't even have the pretense of a velvet glove. Perhaps as Google matures it has come to resemble Jabba the Hut. Perhaps we should just call it that from now on - Gabba the Hut. It almost makes Microsoft look like the good guys.


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