31 March 2009

Amadeus Announces New Logo, Spokesman

Amadeus, the Global Merchandising Company based in Madrid - has today announced its new corporate identity with a new spokesman.

"Amadeus is a hip company and is breaking with the old model of ladies with blue rinsed hair sitting in small strip malls,". said David Jones, Amadeus CEO who was seen to be smiling as he joked with new spokesman John Stewart of the Comedy Channel's The Daily Show.

"With all the doom and gloom in the Travel Industry, we want to provide our own new Stimulus Package" said Stewart in his trademark deadpan delivery.

"Since we don't have any more money to give away as a result of our new airline deals, we felt that that the best form of Stimulus was humour" added Jones.

Amadeus said that all its products would be re-branded over the coming months. A spokesman denied that the Star Alliance reservation system product was to be renamed the Comedy Idiot Technology Performance.

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