29 March 2009

ARC - A Turning Oil Tanker

As the travel ebusiness world reforms itself, some players are becoming more agile. Some are still mired in old school business models. (And yes you know who you are!)

Which is why it is good to see at least one industry player move with the times. ARC - the former Airline Reporting Corporation, is definitely in change mode. While still continuing to operate the world's largest bank settlement plan - they are branching out into new areas. However they are not losing sight of their core mission. Financial fulfillment is no easy concept to grasp and manage. Evolving with the times and needs of the airlines and the neutral - but now highly fragmented - market is their real goal in my opinion.

ARC is definitely worth watching in the coming months. They have new religion. Let's hope that this translates into new actions.

For a sneak peak at their beta services and to sign up - I highly recommend that you do so, go here:




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