07 March 2009

So Is Ryanair Serious About Pay Toilets? Anything Else?

Rumours, denials, counter-rumours....

Latest is the #1 story yesterday (6May2009) at the Irish Times - http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2009/0306/1224242371838.html?via

says yes.

So thanks for the sleuths Professors Stuart and Hartmut for keeping me abreast of this rather dirty and smelly situation.

Now as I understand it MOL is serious about the pin and swipe issue. A pound to spend a penny.

On some deep research we uncovered a shocking set of facts. Indeed FR has done some research into this. Amongst the ideas mooted for the still top secret FR Transatlantic service (which is according to rumour where the whole thing got started) was a series of items including the use of Safety Equipment.

The Professor was secretly been made aware of the proposed card backs that will appear in coach. There are two panels mounted on each seatback.

The image looks like the one illustrated here and then there is some additional text:

Additional charges will accrue for the use of "flotation devices”
$10 for the life vest
$5 for the seat cushion”

Plus there is additional charges as follows:
$1 for the use of the light on the life vest.
$5 to inflate the life vest – although there is no charge to blow it up yourself,
$1 to activate the light on the life vest.

You can purchase a rental bundle for $20 for a fully working life vest from the website. The token expires on arrival at your destination or 10 hours after first contact with water which ever comes first." END

As we understand it the Devices will only be enabled for Chip swipe and pin as the cost to insert a coin and collect and process the heavy money will result in additional fuel drag. Ryanair is said to have been very pleased at the amount of fuel savings that will accrue as the result of this proposed solution. Also the use of a Ryanair card guarantees the service will work. Amex cards will not be accepted.

So far the Professor has been unable to confirm if any other airline is interested in the idea.

However with fuel back at reasonable levels - there is bound to be a review of business models that had the life vests and seat bottoms removed from certain aircraft.


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